Managed IT services provider companies will likely be interested in some big news about Xerox and its recent appearance on the IDC MarketScape Report. The new report lists Xerox as the top company in various regions. They include Central/Eastern Europe, and Middle East, and Africa. This represents major news for the company.

The report centers on the Managed Workflow Service (MWS) industry in a section of Xerox’s Developing Market Operations known as CEMA. The analyst company defines as a group of services that automate/optimize vertical/horizontal document-focused workflows/business processes.

Xerox has been in business for several decades, which provides it with an edge over many competing companies. The company’s offerings aid its clients in keeping away from bottlenecks involving document management, as well as inefficiencies that could arise. In addition, new releases of solutions for personal productivity via Xerox DocuShare and Xerox Digital Alternatives boost office efficiency by making document processing an automated process.

This helps to provide help for workers from manual process that take a lot of time. They include annotating, sharing, securing, and storing both documents as well as data. The bottom line is that such tools will definitely help workers to become more efficient, which is certainly an important matter in today’s workplaces.

Mike Feldman is president of Xerox’s Large Enterprise Operations. He said that companies’ use of managed workflow services as well as BPO technologies is increasingly quickly in the CEMA region. This has had major benefits to various enterprise organizations. Those benefits are far past lowering print as well as saving funds.

Feldman shared that Xerox’s solutions can aid companies in saving time, meeting their various goals for sustainability, and improving the experience of customers. They include various solutions including making employee productivity better, making process workflows automated, and increasing document/data security. These are all major ways that companies can benefit from the various solutions provided by Xerox.

There are various highlights mentioned in the report that focus on the strengths of Xerox. These are certainly worth mentioning. The company has a very big customer base. It also has tech and partnerships that can help move customers to high-level print/document management. That includes the issue of workflow automation.

Another benefit is providing a full range of services including BPO, workflow automation, and managed print services. There are various others including ability to increase cross-market solutions portfolio via purchases and collaborations with software partners and BPO organizations.

Xerox also has a partnered program and training/certification programs that are structured and defined well. They boost skills, make interaction for multi-regional and worldwide accounts simpler to interact with, and provide more consistency.

The latest IDC MarketScape report shows Xerox’s commitment to leadership in terms of making businesses’ workflow better. That includes making daily business processes automated in order to increase productivity/profitability in the workplace. This shows Xerox’s continued commitment in the world of managed It services. In addition, it will help the company to maintain its edge in the future in a crowded sector, which is key for the tech giant to stay completive.