Managed services have been an area of growth in countries and economies around the global. The developing market of South Africa has reason predict significant growth in this industry in the next five years. Unlike the Toronto managed services industry this strong vision does not come unchallenged. With increasing competition and customer demands, South Africa is facing the greatest challenge that comes in the way with their ambition to be a dominant power in managed services. To overcome the challenge, researchers were set in place to afford knowledge that would put the South African market in its best position to change the game. Understanding what the market wants and the type of need that needs to be filled in by reliable it services provide in Baltimore is the answer that would take South Africa at the frontline of the completion.

Managed Services is a vague term that sparks debates in attempts to break down its real meaning. Parts of business processes are being sold and contracts have been put in place to acquire them day in and day out. The real sector specializing on Managed Services can be difficult to pinpoint. Managed services, unlike outsourcing, only focusses on selling parts of business processes that are considered non-core. Managed services providers do not do the actual process but they provide services to support and maintain the free flow of these processes.

When one allocates the entire IT infrastructure to a single vendor this becomes a perfect picture of outsourcing. In a managed services deal only a fraction of the process is delegated and the nature of the function is to support the main tasks. The rapid growth and expansion of managed services provider is owed to the stronger client and vendor relationship made possible by the limited processes in a managed services deal.

The South African market, in its aim to be an international mover in IT Managed Services sparked interests in market research surrounding the subject. Firms like Frost and Sullivan were lured to provide a new light in understanding consumer demands and expectations for Managed Services Providers. Six Managed Services service areas became the subject of their research. The study was conducted in eight key industries in South Africa.

With a head office located in Mountain View, California, Frost and Sullivan is a leading research form providing the international market with valuable information. Their areas of focus are market research and growth strategy consulting. Being in operation for over 40 years it is at its best position to also offer corporate trainings to other companies.

The South African market is ever changing. It has does done an excellent job in adapting to the changes by continually evolving itself. It is also an ambitious market that provides a platform for new innovation in business and technology to be put into place. Although the South African market had its own share of ups and downs, it cannot be denied that their contribution to international market research, specifically in the Information Technology sector has been significant.