About us


Despite being relatively small compared to all the other news companies that everyone think of when news time comes on, we have managed to stand our ground as the best source for readers who love technology beyond the ten minutes attention it gets from other platforms. We have dedicated our lives towards opening up the smallest technology events on behalf of the readers who have come to ritually visit our platform – some who never leave once they login in the morning.

We love experiencing the rush of information requests from over 20 countries on a daily basis, something we get up way before the sun in anticipation to. The amount of dedication and skill imposed on each article, both are traits that no open college can instill in a writer, thankfully we have managed to evolve into those guys who know the news and how to say it out to the readers.

Like most comedians, we know that a great joke is nothing without the right timing; and as such we take each work task with as much deliberation as a person waiting to cause a good feeling in those listening to them. Our readers always come back with either thanks or advise to make us better, and better we are always getting.